Home Sweet Home

My mom always uses the saying “everything happens for a reason” and although I don’t always at the time agree, she like all moms are always right (okay, 99% of the time). With a change in visa requirements having me switching jobs and moving back to Brisbane and a few weeks off from work in between my move, I decided to book a much needed and awaited trip home to Canada!!

I arrived home July 6th, exactly one year from when I first landed in Australia. My 22 days at home were nothing short of perfect. From relaxing at home to touring around Ontario I had such a great time.

After hearing me complain over FaceTime about how many things I missed doing (& eating) at home, mom and dad made sure my visit was filled with all of my favourite things. This included meals full of foods I had been craving like ham and pork roasts, Carlow roast beef, Tim Horton’s ice capps, raspberries and squash from dad’s garden and moms baking (tea biscuits, rhubarb crisp, chocolate cake, just to name a few).

With dad just finishing work shortly after I arrived and mom enjoying retirement, I was able to spent much needed time with both of them. I was also able to catch up with several friends. Stand up paddle boarding, floating in lazy rivers, dinners at restaurants (especially Riley’s patio), Blue Jays Game, parties, and socializing in coffee shops were some of the fun things we did. I was even able to attend my Ottawa roommate Shannon’s and good friend Phil’s Jack & Jill in Winchester.

Mom hosted a Carlow lasagna lunch to allow me to catch up with plenty of aunts, uncles and cousins. We even played a few games of euchre, something I really missed doing. Aunt Sue was happy to have me over to her house for visits and we also shared a special visit with Aunt Beverly, Aunt Wilma, and Aunt Della who enjoyed hearing about my travels. A special visit to visit Aunt Jutta in Ottawa was another highlight.

One of my favourite activities was playing on my friend Caitlyn’s baseball team on Sundays while I was home. I hadn’t played baseball for several years and loved being a part of their team. I was able to play plenty on second base (my favourite) and even caught 2 pop flies and hit a double one week!! Thanks Caitlyn for letting me join for a few weeks!

The weather was perfect for my time at home. Sunny days with no rains were great for me although difficult for the crops. Evening walks to Carlow Line and back with mom and watching America’s Got Talent with dad and mom quickly became routine and were so much fun!

I had such an amazing time at home; such a good time that it was nearly impossible to leave and fly back to Australia. I am grateful for the quality time I had with loved ones and looking forward to returning home again.



I sure missed this place


Fresh Swiss Chard from Dad’s garden. yummm!!
Loved spending the night at the Drive In Movies with Mom


Touring Niagara Falls with Mom
We loved our boat ride under Niagara Falls


Thanks Mom for the endless Tim Horton’s Iced Capps
Stand Up Paddle Boarding with my good friend Stacey
Another great friend of mine- Steve
Floating down the Lazy River 
Toronto Island for the day with Mom, Dad, Scott and Martha


Great catching up with my best friends from University- Emma and Jen
Having fun at the Blue Jays game. We cheered so great that Toronto won!!


13654398_10154425615454181_6055847096068067704_n (1)
LOVED catching up with Shannon and Phil at their engagement party

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