Life in Melbourne

After living in Brisbane for 6 months, it was time to move across the country to Melbourne. “Mel-bin” as the Aussie’s pronounce it is the capital of Victoria and the self proclaimed “World’s Most Livable City” for the past 5 years. I immediately fell in love with the city’s trendy cafes in hidden alleyways, beautiful parks on almost every street, walls of buildings covered in trendy graffiti artwork, more places to eat than one could possibly ever visit, and the close city beaches. While much cooler than sunny Brisbane, the Melbourne weather is known for being unpredictable and often “4 seasons in one day“. An Australian once told me “If you don’t like the weather in Melbourne, walk around the corner”.  So far I haven’t minded the cooler weather – anything beats minus 30 degree Canadian winters!

I am extremely fortunate to be working at the Royal Children’s Hospital here in Melbourne. The hospital, built in 2005, is thought to be the most prestigious and leading children’s hospital in all of Australia. I work on the “Kelpie Unit”, a unit specializing in the care of adolescents 12-18 years old. The unit has designated 6 beds for oncology patients with the remainder of beds being for patients requiring rehabilitation care (for example from car accidents or disease) as well as a variety of medical backgrounds and illnesses. I work 8 hour shifts allowing me to have some evenings off even on days I am at work. This however means fewer days off, making traveling to other states a bit more challenging than when I was in Brisbane.

In my spare time I have been exploring the city. Each Tuesday I play pick up soccer with some friends I made at the hostel I stayed in when I first arrived to the city. Many of the other players are living and working in Melbourne like me. Roughly 20 or so meet up each week to play a 1 hour game in a local park. I am often the only girl playing but enjoy the friendly competition and of course beating the boys to the ball and the occasional goal. Last week I even scored a hat-trick !

I have been fortunate in meeting several nurses from overseas who are also living in Melbourne as well as having two friends from Peterborough living here. Kayla and Dalyn are friends of mine from home who arrived to Melbourne a few weeks after I did. It is nice to have friends from overseas who all can relate to living abroad.

I live in a suburb 20 minutes (by tram) from the city. There is a grocery store across the road from me and I joined both a library and gym that are just down the road. I live with 2 Australians, Adam and Andrew. They grew up together just outside of Melbourne and LOVE sports. At any given time rugby, cricket, or soccer can be found on our home television. Both enjoy explaining the rules to me along with teaching me about Australian culture, including showing me several “classic” Australian movies. My house is just over 2 kms from the Children’s Hospital and thanks to my Uncle Kirby and Aunt Rhea I have a shiny red bike that I ride to work each day.

I continue to travel as much as possible on my days off work. Some of my favourite trips have been a wine tour through the famous Yarra Valley with some nursing friends, visiting nearby Phillip Island famous for its penguins roaming the beaches, and the beautiful Wilson’s Promontory National Park. I have enjoyed my travels so far in Melbourne and plan to continue to travel as much as possible on my days off work.


Children at the hospital loved this giant caterpillar
and the giant fish tank too!
Night Markets
Beach Huts at Brighton Beach. Rumor has it that one hut costs $600,000- CRAZY!!
My Nursing friend Aleta from Yellowknife
Thanks for the bike Uncle Kirby and Aunt Rhea! I ride it everywhere.
Wine Tour in the Yarra Velley
Nursing friends from Canada and England


Easter Dinner with Helen and James (from England), Kayla, Dalyn and I
lunch with a view!
Dalyn (friend from Peterborough) enjoying a visit at my new home


Picnic in the Botanical Gardens with Kayla and Dalyn
Nurses from my ward at the Labour Day Fair


Australians call McDonald’s “Maccas”
Enjoying the views on Philip Island
Melbourne is famous for it’s graffiti covered alleys
Mount Martha Beach


Smith’s Beach on Philip Island


What a cool apartment building I found!
Sunset on Shelly Beach on Philip Island. We spotted 2 penguins walking along the beach here


Walking along Cape Woolamai to the popular Pinnicles rock formation



My favourite view of the city

One thought on “Life in Melbourne

  1. Tracey,
    It is wonderful to see you so happy and truly enjoying yourself. You look relaxed and full of life.
    The travel bug is the healthy one to have!
    Keep exploring
    Love Aunt Sue

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