Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a surfer and hippie paradise and a short 2 1/2 hour bus ride from Brisbane. It is famous for it’s beach, relaxed lifestyle and the Cape Byron light house. The lighthouse is located at the Eastern most point of Mainland Australia. It was the perfect spot to have an amazing view of sunrise one morning.

I spent 3 days in Byron enjoying all the small town had to offer – swimming and relaxing by the beach, biking around the town, and even participating in a pub crawl with fellow backpackers from Canada, New Zealand, Italy, France and Germany.

Whale watching season was in full swing during my time in Byron Bay. I was so fortunate to see humpback whales throughout my stay breaching the water and putting on a show for us amazed tourists. From the Cape Byron lighthouse lookout I saw not only the humpback whales but several dolphins and turtles too!!!

The highlight of this trip was a kayaking tour where a pod of dolphins swam up to our group. I’ll never forget looking in the water under my kayak and seeing the dolphins swim under me. An indescribable and surreal experience.

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